Public release

This game is an experimental take on the JO games and  means for me to put together a prototype to see how Unity, Fungus and Spine plays together.  Obviously, Razix is the best boy out of the Human Cargo crew.  Feedback welcome as I want to fine tune this format for possible future games like this.


Human Cargo - Razix and Play in browser
Oct 01, 2019


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I love it! 😁

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First: awesome idea (do you plan on doing something similar with Kol? :3).

I had some trouble figuring it out at the beginning: I thought I had to follow the rhythm given by the "How to play" and didn't get why nothing was happening, and understood how to read the colors after a few tries where nothing happened. After that, I *got* it.


Thank you :)! I want to gather comments like this for consideration because I'm planning on revamping the game play to make goal clearer.  This may be a one off thing as Rob Colton let me use Razix to build the the prototype for testing.