Spend some time with the feisty Regulan pilot of the Freighter Barakai from Human Cargo.

Human Cargo: Razix and Chill is made as a submission for BaraJam 2019.

[Android users may receive a warning and may take some time to fully load.]


GOAL - Fill the Razix's bar to send him over the edge!

CONTROL - Continuously clicking/tapping quickly or slowly sets Razix's pace.

SWEET SPOT - Hitting his sweet spot pace, signified by a white ring and a smile, will gradually fill Razix's bar.

TOO SLOW - Being too slow, marked by a blue ring and a bored expression, will decrease Razix's bar.

TOO FAST - Indicated by an orange ring and a distressed face, clicking/tapping too fast will also decrease Razix's bar.



  • Character Sprite Artist
  • Character Animator
  • Background Illustrator
  • GUI Designer
  • Logo Designer
  • Programmer

Based on the Visual Novel "Human Cargo" by Rob Colton

Original Character Design of Razix by Jacky Black

Original Soundtrack "Razix's Theme" by eerron

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(122 total ratings)
Made withKrita, Unity, Paint Tool SAI, GIMP
Tags2D, Erotic, Gay, Short
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

Development log


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Deleted 1 year ago

This is a fan game, so not the original maker of Human Cargo.

I hope we can download the game offline one day. :D

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i really wanted to make Razix happy.. but i couldn’t figure the rhythm even after a few trials… yeah i’m ungifted like that. otherwise i loved the graphics, the sound, and ofc his beautiful red giant. but not being able to do the trick left Razix and me very frustrated TTT - i wish there was a cheat mode for idiots XD


I don't know why, but that red skin tone on characters is hot. This game was somewhat confusing at first, but once I realized that you needed to time your clicks with the pulse animations I got the hang of it lol. It took me like, 3 tries to figure it out.


I never really liked Razix and his constant flirting, but this game makes him look really hot. Good Work!


Happy to see you working on flash games again dude. Really good job with the facial expression and everything runs so smoothly. Looking forward to more in the future.

Thanks for recognizing XD.  It's HTML5 instead of Flash since that is being phased out.

Oh yeah, forgot about that. Now that I'm thinking about it, the game is slightly reminicent of the X-Men game you did awhile back.

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I did it!!!


This animation is so goooood ! We need some of them in the game ahah ;) Are you going to do the same with others ? Zed / Kol / Nasir... ? :

Hey Drakhaen!

I'm planning on building from the game-play idea but The Human Cargo collab is a one time thing for now.

Ah!  Razix is my fave character from Human Cargo!  :D  I was so frustrated at first (just could not get the hang of it) and didn't think I'd ever get to see his "happy ending".  I was boring/distressing him constantly (poor guy! LOL!).  And then I finally figured out the trick to it... and got to that sexy finish quite fast!  Very satisfying... :P

Great job on this!  The art and animations are just wonderful.  And thanks for putting a huge grin on my face! :D

If there is any way I could have made the instruction much more understandable feel free to comment :).

The instructions are very straightforward and understandable.  My comment wasn't intended to imply otherwise...  just laughing at myself for taking a while to get the hang of it.

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Haha hey Wolf! I finally played your game. I dunno if Rob mentioned it...but man Im sure he's very proud. This turned out really well, Im so sorry I'm only getting to try it right now. The music is also spot on.

Tbh I thought the controls were abit confusing at first, the "sweet spot" part made me think he had particular hotspots that he enjoyed and to find them. I think however, its random or completely not based on the image(razix) himself?

At first I thought it was his tail, as I was getting some white circles there. I totally failed the 1st time. 2nd time and after reading comments, it seems its completely rhythm based? Perhaps if Razix himself spoke some clues that could help. Anyways, well done! :)


Someone else told me that I could probably designate a button to hit instead of being able to click anywhere which would probably partially clarify the objective.

2 words

holy shite

Thank you :D

I 100% agree with FartingRainbows review, Outstanding animation and visuals, great music(did Rob Colton give you the music himself, good on you if you made it yourself), it wasn't hard for me to read and play(though I also read subtitles and watch movie multitasking), however I got the right rhythm and change in rhythm so I didn't get to read them before the next one popped up.

If I had to make one change I just wish there was a kind of movie mode that you could unlock after finishing the game, and if people knew about the movie unlock (maybe the how to play screen tells them.) then maybe they don't focus on the dialogue on the first go through and then read it in the movie unlock.

Also I loved the first dialogue line about his "Red giant"

P.S. I also thought Razix was best boi and seeing this game was, for lack of a better term, a god send.

Hey Bullfrog! eeron gave me permission to use Razix's theme.  I will keep the movie mode in mind as a possible unlockable once I start designing more complicated gameplay :).

Easily this game could be added to the gay section of the comdotgame site - there's quite a few games already there like this one :)

Thank you for the heads up!  I've been looking for websites to upload short games such as this because I don't want to spam too many quick short games in my itch page.


My 4 Star Review :)

!! Extremely short game = 2 minutes tops. 

+ Very nice animation. 

+ Music not annoying. 

- Can't read the subtitles because I'm concentrating on the blue/white/orange rings.

= Hope to see more like this with possibly longer gameplay with shorter more easily read subtitles.


Thank you for the input!  Honestly the dialogue was a last minute addition just to see if I can so I didn't think about it being a distraction.

Ok, thank you. 😁


Once he cums is it over?

Yes. It's a short game. ^_^;;