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Hi there!
I am creating a collection of fully blind accessible games, and your game is listed under the "blind support tag".  The word "blind" means different things to different people, and within that wide spectrum their are various levels of expertise with visual UI's.  but as a fully blind gamer, I am wondering what features this game provides for those who can not see the screen at all.  Do you have "screen reader" or "text to speech" support?  Is your game fully playable with a keyboard or controller, rather than having to point the mouse at buttons on the interface? If the answer to those questions is no, it would still be great to know what options are provided for those with less severe visual impairments, so that I might make them aware of your game's usability for them.  Thank you for any information you can provide, it's very much appreciated! :)

Why censor the android version? Itch allows NSFW content.

Does the black guy have a romance route?

There's a threesome with Jonas, but no solo romance route


There are no romance routes? Awww, that's sad... 


Charles 2.0 is not a romance game :)


Wish Uncensored was available for android😥

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First of all, I don’t know how to disable the censure; I was given three choices (censure, text only, and no sex/nudity), but not the option to disable the censure completely.  

I finished the game anyhow, and I thought the plot was interesting by itself, which was a pleasant surprise.

Also, I am glad to find games, especially dating sims/romance/porn games, with characters over thirty. I am not in my thirties yet, but the lack of content for the mid-twenties demographic is discouraging. It’s either highs school or very early twenties, which is disappointing.  

I found the husband to be a bit boring and a tad needy, honestly. And it made me laugh how Jonas always looks like he’s biting his lip. Like, damn, baby. Let’s way until we’re in private.  

The best ending is sweet. I suppose I would’ve been actually moved by it if I had cared about the husband at all.

I did end up caring about Charles 2.0. himsel, though.


To remove all censoring, you have to install the nudity patch. Instructions are here:

Glad you mostly enjoyed the game :)

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I downloaded the patch and replaced the the file in the game folder, but it still does NOT offer and uncensored option in the preferences.

Update: Ignore that. I had closed and opened the game and it still did not offer me and uncensored option. Then I remembered doing this previously for another game and they instructed you to exit the game and the windows app. I did that and now the uncensored option appeared in the preferences. I hope that this might be helpful to others.

Thanks! I'll add that to the uncensoring instructions

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Even though none of the possible ways to play this game without censorship work ...

I am quite perplexed by its unfolding / development / the whole series of events.
Then depending on our choices, there are differences that intensify over time, some of which are very beautiful, or even very moving. - in any case, of one thing for sure, with his husband, they are the great love of each other's life. (it's too obvious)
On the other hand, I was stunned with the end of the road that leads to the meeting of the two "presidents"
In a way, I fell completely in love with this game despite these few little details that cut the emotions right in the middle.  (im talking about the censorship)

I wish you a Happy New Year with lots of good things, especially with the most important, health, happiness, and of course it goes wthout say, Love.

Take good care of yourself.
I leave you a big hug from Paris.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game

Can you let us know what issues you ran into when trying to apply the nudity patch? It should still work properly.

I think maybe it's me who I'm not doing as I should ... - then with the language barrier, sometimes the understanding is not great.

I'm having issues adding the patch to the game to remove the censoring. Neither the game nor the patch is in a zip file which then can open to reveal the main file and other content in folders when i download them, just a singular file. So I can't figure out how to connect them. 

The windows and linux versions are just zipped (ZIP or targz) files.

Are you downloading the mac version, which is a disk image? You have to open it, copy the application inside into your Applications folder, and then "Show package contents".


This game is gold, I love it, I actually needed to send you some money for this work of art. I would totally buy it even for a ridiculously high price if it was a more complete version on steam or something. Now seeing your responses to other inquiries about further expanding the game I guess you won't be doing it, but I can dream.

Currently I'm fighting the urge of taking a picture of it and glueing it to my face, plz send help.


(We're glad you enjoyed it!)


I liked the idea of being a president without memories, all of a sudden. But it didn’t feel like that was the focus of the game honestly. And the game is short. I didn’t realize that it was going to be explicit sex in this, damn boi! Gotta read the description next time. It was a nice gaming experience tho. Good charachter design, backgrounds, and balance between choices and text.

Thanks for checking it out :)

hi i just stumble upon this game recently i really love it. i'm just wonderin' tho is the fix patch for the cg censor exclusive to work with Win/Mac versions only? if so would there be any means/plans to implement somethin' similar for the android ver. as well?

ps: the game was really nc i just really hope there could be another route where both Charles and his * could live and enjoy themselves uwu

also @Wolfscade art are soo hawt just wanted to say that

Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you like the game.

There is unfortunately no ability to uncensor the Android build, or any plans to do further development on the game right now.

But who knows... maybe we'll revisit the universe with Charles 3.0 in the future. :P

Tried downloading the latest version but can't seem to extract the zip file for windows. It showed this error:

! C:\Users\Asus\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\TempState\Downloads\Charles20-1.4-win (1).zip: Cannot open C:\Users\Asus\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\TempState\Downloads\Charles20-1.4-win (1).zip
  The system cannot find the file specified.

It looks like the file didn't download properly, for some reason. Can you try again, saving the file to a known location instead (like on your desktop) and directly extracting it there?

Yeah, it works now, thank you!

Just finished playing this today and it was amazing! I love that it's short and sweet but would love to see a longer sequel possibly where both find out about the true Charles and maybe an individual route for Jonas too as I feel his character could have been explored just a little more (and also because I stan bottom Charles 1000%). Thank you for this gem!

Thank you; I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Since this was a gamejam game, we're not looking at doing a sequel at this time. But who knows? :)

This game is so awesome, I was able to get the 4th ending the first time and I felt so proud of myself haha.

I saw that you had a walkthrough for the 2nd CG and the best ending, but I can't get the 2nd ending. 

Can you offer help? Thanks!

The endings are arranged roughly in order of "Worst Charles" to "Best Charles".  I believe the first two endings are where you either reveal yourself to be a clone during the press conference or give such an utterly terrible performance that they end the conference early and declare you to be a failed clone.

I love this game, thank you for putting so much effort into it :). 

I just wanted to let you know that I came across an error in the new android version. It's nothing major but I thought I'd share the screenshot with you in case it might help. 

Cheers and thank you again for creating this game! 

Ahhh, thanks. I'll get that fixed. Hopefully you're able to just Ignore the issue and continue playing successfully?


Should be fixed now, but I don't have Android and so can't test it myself.

Thanks for the bug report!

I liked it, was very good, but how do I unlock the squares with the question marks under the ending list?

Those are the CGs, and you unlock them by seeing the CGs during gameplay. (If you have censored mode turned on, you won't unlock them, as they are NSFW CGs.)

I had it turned off

still didnt get em

then again I gess it did still sensor the penises, so maybe it bugged and kept it turned on even though I had turned it off


Interesting. No, censoring shouldn't matter for unlocking them.

I'll have to check, but last I knew, the unlocks were working correctly.

Is there not any way to view it uncensored on Android


Unfortunately not

A game has interested concept and it's quite fun. Unfortunatly, it was too short and the goal of attack still didn't clear. It would be better if you continue making this game longer and improve the story. Even it's no longer free, I would defienty pay for it.

Also, I know it would sound wierd, I expected  the game would have that "scene" with the original. lol.


Thanks for the comments and for trying the game out.

The game is intended to take a couple times through before you understand the "right" answers, since you have to understand Charles' personality to be able to make the correct choices.

Given it was a nanoreno (gamejam) game, there are no plans to expand it further.

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Thank you for trying the game and for your comments, and I'm sorry it wasn't up to your expectations.

For future reference, there's a setting in preferences that allows you to disable sex scenes, as also noted on this game page under the warning about explicit gay sexual content.

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When is the uncensored patch or apk going to be available for android?

There are, unfortunately, no current plans to release an uncensored Android version.

It's a little too short for my taste, but it's still worth a play.

The catalyst ending made me tear up, I admit. 

Glad you enjoyed it!

We aimed more conservatively for the size because it was a month-long jam and I was travelling for part of it, but it turns out we probably could have done something longer.

Yeah, but despite how short it was, it was done so well I look forward to future games from you. 

Depending on what aspect you liked, you might enjoy my previous game YAGS? It's significantly longer (230,000+ words), but it's less about plot and more about developing friendships with other characters in relatively mundane interactions. (It's very much a slice-of-life game.)

If you liked the art, Wolfscade has another collabration "Blood and Lust" with Ertal Games that is a bit longer than Charles 2.0.


I tried YAGS, but it wasn't really my thing. I think the art style was the most off-putting thing to me. I may try it again later and try to get past the art. It's not bad, just not my cup of tea.

Some games have horrific art but lovely plots.

I liked EBAE, but again it was a bit short for me. 

Personally, I like building relationships in most games; In other words, no sex right off the bat lol. However, some of those have a nice concept to them. 

In Charles 2.0, the sex made sense to me because the relationships were pre-existing. 

I don't expect you to compromise your vision of your games based on my own opinions, either. Regardless of preference, I've enjoyed most of the ones you've done.

Also, I have Blood and Lust that I'll be playing soon.

The art is very good. But I can only achive the endings when he dies, kind of sad.

Thanks for playing!

Bobcgames posted a walk-through if you want to get the best ending if you are interested:

Also, to be fair, you die in five of the six endings, so that's not so unusual.

That was really fun and the art is gorgeous. Is there a way to hide the text box? I'd love to take a screenshot without it.

If you hit the "h" key during gameplay, the textbox should go away until you either hit it again or click/spacebar to continue.

Thank you very much, that works perfectly fine.

I got the last ending but I'm not sure how to get the 2nd cg

The second CG is a threesome. If you do well in the press conference, Dana will leave by herself rather than dragging Jonas with her. You can then choose to include him in sex.

How can you do better in the press conference. She only only said "it didn't go that bad"

When asking questions to Dana at the beginning, focus on attack-related questions (so you have better answers for the questions that the reporters ask during the press conference). Charles usually errs on the side of providing too much information, so the more factual your answers, the better they'll go over with the press.

Note that new questions may show up during your conversations with Dana based on what you've already picked. So visit a menu again even if you think you've already selected all of the relevant things in it.

(Dana is also pretty good at letting you know what items are relevant to the upcoming press conference.)

An indication that you're doing well during the press conference is that Charles will raise his hand in an apparent thumbs up.

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The last CG is a threesome, and doesn't require you to do well with Lorenzo. If you do well enough in the press conference, Dana should leave Jonas with you and Lorenzo, and you get a chance to unlock that CG.

For the final ending, you need to do well in both the press conference and Lorenzo conversation, and then accept Dana's offer at the end. Remember that Lorenzo likes when you're brutally honest, but he also appreciates when you remember important events from the course of your relationship.

Deleted post

hey so i try to get the threesome sence but still haven't figure it out. Can i have a details guide please ?

There's a walkthrough here:

This was fun! Very short, but a major accomplishment for Nano. I loved the art and the dialogue all felt very real. It was a very interesting concept too, I'd love to see this explored in more detail. Congrats on getting it out for nano!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

This is relative short, but damn the aftermath of shock and sorrow are lasting :'(

We're glad you enjoyed the game, even if it was sad at the end.

There is an ending that isn't so sad, if you do really well throughout the entire game...

the nudity patch works on android?

It does not, unfortunately. You have to play on a computer if you want full nudity.

soooooo..... it means i can play it twice! thank's <3

give me hint with right side CGs and the last ending plz


You need to do really well in both the press conference and the conversation with Lorenzo afterward, and choose to help at the end when Dana gives you the choice.

Focus on questions about the attack itself during questioning, and remember that Charles is blunt (almost to a fault) with his interpersonal relationships as well.

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Loved the game, definitely keep up the good work man, the story, gameplay and art style were fantastic! (P.S. is there any way to turn off the censoring though?)

Yes! Click on this link and follow the direction to apply the patch:

Awesome short story! 10/10 would clone again.

Although I'm having problem getting the last ending. Hints?


The last one on the list?

You need to do really well in both the press conference and the conversation with Lorenzo afterward, and choose to help at the end when Dana gives you the choice.

Focus on questions about the attack itself during questioning, and remember that Charles is blunt (almost to a fault) with his interpersonal relationships as well.

Thanks I got it! Wow I would've make for a lousy president that I keep failing the press conference lol.


A fantastic game! Congrats on getting so much done in such a small amount of time!


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!