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There's been some questions about the second CG, or the final few endings. The second CG is a threesome that you can unlock by doing well during the initial press conference. The final endings require you to have done a good job pretending to be Charles.

The easiest way to accomplish that is by asking Dana the right questions to get through the conference, and then being a blunt but transparent president. Asking these questions of Dana will make it easier (and remember that new questions may appear after asking certain others).

  • Ask about the attack:
    • How is the President?
    • Who attacked us?
    • What was the goal of the attack?
    • How do we explain my lack of injuries?
    • Where are we? Where did the attack occur?
    • What kind of attack was it?
    • Have any suspects been identified?
    • How many people were injured?
  • Ask about my administration:
    • Are there any important people I should know about?
    • Tell me about my vice president

Next, look at the first or second photo before asking "I'm married?"

During the press conference, you'll want to give a no-bullshit speech.

  • People of the United States
  • Today
  • There was an attempt on my life
  • Fortunately, that attempt failed
  • Unfortunately, there were injuries, and fatalities
  • At least four secret service agents were killed, and several more were injured
  • I'm confident that the FBI will be able to tell us more in the coming days
  • Thank you

And then you want to answer the questions as thoroughly as possible. (The questions are semi-randomized, although if you gave a good speech without misleading information, the followup questions will always be the same.)

  • I haven't seen (my husband) yet
  • The attack used an autonomous vehicle
  • (Vice President Reiner) is currently on Air Force Two, on her way back to the United States
  • I'm not going to dignify (the question about my sexuality) with a response
  • (No suspects have been identified) at this time. The FBI is working with the car rental company and following some leads
  • No (one has claimed responsibility)
  • (Replacing me is) a possibility that the FBI is looking into
  • I trust the FBI to do their job (finding leads). I don't think it'd be useful for me to speculate at this time
  • The limousine protected me from serious injury (in the attack)
  • No one other than secret service agents was seriously hurt

Greet Lorenzo with a hug, and then either accept the threesome or go off with Lorenzo on your own.

Afterward, be honest in your conversation with Lorenzo.

  • What did you say?
  • If we're having problems, we should talk about them
  • Twelve years is a long time to be married
  • That's a little selfish, but it's also completely reasonable to want
  • Remember the first time I went skiing with you / Remember when we adopted Molly
  • Are you jealous of Jonas?
  • Tell me what you want me to do
  • But 'enough' shouldn't be enough
  • They probably need me for some briefing or something...

You can achieve one of three different endings, if you've done well up to this part.

  • For the best ending, agree to help Dana ("That makes sense. I hope I can help.")
  • For a different ending, don't agree to help ("I'm not a lab rat!")
    • For an uneventful end, accept your fate ("I understand.")
    • To be a catalyst for change, try to convince her to help ("Please. Help me. I don't want to die.')

The other endings are achieved by doing spectacularly badly in different parts of the game, or by revealing the truth.

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So I followed this but the CGs still seem to be locked and I'm not sure what to do.

Did you get the associated endings? Do the endings show up on the endings screen?

Do you have nudity disabled?

I think I got the associated endings I got all but the second one and I have nudity enabled.

That should have unlocked the CGs, then

Did the CGs show up during the gameplay itself?

they did not

The only reason you wouldn't see them during gameplay is that you have nudity disabled

Double-check your game preferences?


I needed this so bad, haha. Thank you. Glad I could find it easily, too.

This really helps, thanks a lot :D

Hey this is really random but were is your profile picture from?

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It's Robert Small from Dream Daddy :D